Uprighte is a full-fledged research and review platform that helps software buyers and service seekers to opt for the best software or firm. At the same time, it helps IT companies and software vendors to boost user acquisition stats, market share and brand awareness.

Uprighte, just as the name suggests, is a dedicated community of “Always at Right and Up” IT companies as well as software solutions.

We are well aware of the scenarios at both ends, wherein service seekers are struggling to find the best companies to meet a specific need and how leading software firms are making efforts to stand out from a clusters of inferior competitors.

Hence, Uprighte is at the forefront to help service buyers from around the world by providing a categorized directory, client reviews and company content & resources to help them choose the best firm/software product that meets their specific requirements. That said, Uprighte also serves as an unequalled platform for performing IT companies and software to put their best foot forward. We follow an innovative research process that helps us to identify leading companies and software solutions that have been delivering groundbreaking results to their clients.

What is Uprighte?

Uprighte is one of the reputed online software directories which helps organizations or individuals research required software. Uprighte can also be called a software review platform as the users of the listed software can share their experiences.

What kind of products can I list on Uprighte?

Uprighte is a software listing platform. Therefore, you can list only software products or services that your company has developed on Uprighte. 

Can I list more than one product or service?

Yes. You can list as many products or services you want on Uprighte.

How to list my product on Uprighte?

Here are the simple steps one should follow to list a product:

  1. On Uprighte, click on ” + Add Listing” from top right to be registered your company and start the listing process.
  2. Click on “Create a Free Profile”
  3. Sign-up on the Uprighte website by filling the Sign-up with details like the name of the organization, website URL, phone number, password, etc…Remember to use the business email to sign-up. Personal email addresses are not acceptable.
  4. You get a verification link to your email address. Just click on the link received in the email to verify your email address. This is an essential step toward listing your software. Without this, you will not be able to list your product on Uprighte.
  5. After step2, log in with the credentials used while registering on Uprighte. Once you log in, you will find the option to create your product profile on your dashboard.
  6. Write a product name, and product description, select the category from the dropdown and enter all other required details to create your profile. Please write impressive product descriptions by using relevant keywords.
  7. Kindly mention if you offer a trial period for your product. Also, mention the commercials on the listing as this is the decision-making point for all customers.
  8. Once you have filled in all the mandatory details, click the button ‘Submit’ to list your product.

Why should I list my product on Uprighte?

Millions of software buyers visit Uprighte to research various software products available in the market. You do not want to lose such an opportunity. Listing your product or service on Uprighte not only brings visibility to your product but helps you generate leads.

Will Uprighte help me generate leads?

Yes. Uprighte is a lead generation platform. People who are seeking Uprighte to buy a product will reach you through the contact details shared on your profile.

Is Uprighte a free software online directory?

Yes. Uprighte is a free listing. You can list your software at no cost.

What are other benefits I get from Uprighte?

Here is the list of benefits you get by listing your product or service on Uprighte for free.

  1. Lifetime Free listing
  2. Increased online visibility
  3. Increased brand awareness
  4. Brand reputation
  5. Generate quality leads
  6. Increased sales conversions